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"A Measuring Tape and A Mannequin, I unleashed my Creative Dragoness and with that, Ratavosi was born"


Ratavosi is an exclusive Fashion Label by Australian Designer Rhaya Ratavosi, offering a full range of Quality Womens Ready-to-wear, High End, and Leather Pieces.


The labels' Exclusivity lies in their structured style, embroidered quality pieces and small production numbers.


The Ratavosi Women is Mysterious, Sexy, envied yet unpredictable. A mysterious beauty lies within the classy yet edgy pieces. All designed and manufactured from the creative mind and the passionate, determined heart, right here in Australia !




In Mid May 2015, Rhaya was invited to showcase her Capsule Collection "Nostalgic Nuances" at LA's Facet Fashion Week . She showcased 6 outfits from her range as well as changing the name of her Collection to "Rebirth | The Capsule Collection". As she returned from LA, early June, she was invited to Showcase again in October 2015. This time, however, she was competing against 14 other designers at LA Fashion Week's Design Wars Competition for a chance to be crowned LA's Designer of the Year. Rhaya Showcased 16 looks for this competition - 6 from her Capsule Range as well as designing 10 new outfits. This was the Labels debut showcase of their Complete Collection "Rebirth | Phase Deux".




In 2009, Rhaya was accepted into Raffles College of Design and Commerce. College opened many doors for Rhaya, some of which allowed her to work with Australia’s greatest new talents as well as working behind the scenes for Australia's very own Rose Mount and Mercedes Benz Fashion Festivals, West field presents  Fashion Show ( Sydney’s largest fashion show for the launch of their online store), and Well known Sydney Labels Ladakh and Romance was Born. She also worked at one of Australia’s biggest department stores "Target”. Where she worked her way up from a check-out chick, to beauty consultant, then ladieswear and finally becoming their first on floor fashion stylist. As their fashion stylist, Rhaya worked very closely with styling customers, holding style and fashion workshops and allowing customers to be comfortable with wearing the hottest trends.

Rhaya has now completed her Bachelor degree in Fashion Design and is working in the industry as a commercial, Department store Fashion Designer, designing : girls wear, toddler and infant girls clothing as well as Surf and activewear for women.

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